Candle Care Kit


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This Candle Care Kit is a must have accessory set for all candle lovers. All wrapped up in a beautiful Cotton Pouch, our stylish matte black Wick Trimmer, Candle Snuffer and Oval Tray is designed to take care of all your candle care needs.



The WICK TRIMMER enables you to quickly and easily trim wicks to the recommended 1/4 inch before each burn.

The SNUFFER is one of the best ways to put a candle flame out.  Extinguish your flames with ease by placing the dome head over the flame. 

The OVAL TRAY allows you to display the candle care tools neatly and in a aesthetically pleasing way near your candles for easy and efficient use. 

The COTTON POUCH is the perfect way to store, transport or gift the Candle Care Kit to a loved one.


Caution: Please keep the candle care tools out of reach of children and pets. Wick trimmers are scissors and have sharp blades – please use with caution. Clean with damp cloth and dry thoroughly.  


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